Thursday, 23 June 2011

Things Fall Apart

After a week at home I visit Mr Patel's Friday outpatients' clinic so that he can check on the frame and give me the instructions for shifting the struts.  Visiting outpatients is more onerous than it sounds.  First of all, you have to arrange hospital transport.  This reminds me of trying to see Major Major Major in "Catch 22".  When you ring the number it is either engaged or rings interminably unanswered.

Once transport has been secured it entails a 35 mile journey to the hospital wedged in the back of a car with my leg up on the seat.  At the hospital a wheelchair has to be commandeered, followed by a long wait, shuffling around trying to find the least uncomfortable position as you wait for the inevitably delayed appointment.

Eventually I get to see Mr Patel and he presents me with lists of figures for the altering the six struts each day and I set off on the trek back home.

The following Monday one of the pins becomes detached from the frame.  I email Mr Patel and he asks me to attend his Tuesday morning clinic.  Rather than trying to secure hospital transport I ring my friend Pete McGeown who very kindly takes us to the hospital.

When I see Mr Patel he decides that he needs to readjust the frame and this will require another visit to the operating theatre.  After a five hour wait on an examining couch in outpatients a bed is secured and I am readmitted.

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