Monday, 16 August 2010

Big Sur to San Francisco

On Saturday we drove through Big Sur along the Pacific Coast Highway. The road hugs the coastline and you’re almost always in sight of the sea. It’s a wild and rugged coast with beautiful little coves and beaches along it. However, for the first half of every day it is almost invariably blanketed by coastal fog.

When we reached Carmel we went on the 17 mile scenic drive and viewed elephant seals. We stayed overnight in Salinas (the birthplace of John Steinbeck), just east of Monterey.
Today we drove to San Francisco. We first visited Golden Gate Park so Sue could have another look at the botanical gardens, then I dropped her off at the hotel and returned the car to Hertz.

In the last five and a half weeks we clocked up 5,656 miles, visited 14 states and stayed in 26 different hotels!

Three nights here and then it’s back to sunny Lowestoft, where we can start planning our next trip!

PS We’re staying at the Sheraton at Fisherman’s Wharf. This is easily the classiest place we’ve stayed but is disappointing for two reasons: AMC is not among the 72 TV channels listed, so no Mad Men tonight, and it is the only hotel we have stayed in that expects you to pay for wi-fi, all the others have provided it free!


Colin Turk said...

Not much sun here, lots of wind and rain tho

pam said...

Well nearly the end of your fantastic trip, I bet you will remember it forever. Get ready for the changeable weather we have had here. Low temperatures and violent rain storms, well we have had this anywhere, don't know about Lowestoft. Hope your have a good flight home.

Lots of Love

Pam & Terry

Anonymous said...

A lovely drive and I always hear The mamas and papas and think of that superb coast. Magic.

Mary-Louise O'Neill said...

Thanks for the card. We have followed the blog since you left home. Please save the route plan for Mary and I as we plan to do the same thing in a winnibego when I retire, probably in 30 years time if this government has anything to do with it!!
Safe journey home, and look forward to your tails of derring do and gardens!
Sean and Mary

Paul and Pat said...

Hi Keith and Sue - fantastic. You should consider doing some supply work as Geography teachers!!
I think you have managed to cover in one holiday - what I had in mind for Pat and I in 5 U.S. holidays!!

Well Done

Paul and Pat